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Since long, the Dutch Dairy sector is actively involved in IDF, the International Dairy Federation. IDF is the leading source of scientific and technical expertise for all stakeholders of the dairy chain. The IDF has 46 member countries, which to6gether account for 75% of world milk production. IDF is a network of approximately 1,200 dairy experts from around the world, providing a platform for sharing information, ideas and experiences. Brief information on IDF can be found in this factsheet.

The Netherlands has been a longstanding (founding) member of IDF since its founding back in 1903. The Dutch membership is organized through the Netherlands National Committee (NNC), which represents the interests of the Dutch dairy sector in IDF. For long, NNC was organized as the Association of the Netherlands National Committee of IDF, but in 2017 the setting was revised. As a consequence, NNC became a Thematic Committee under the umbrella of the dairy chain organization ZuivelNL.

NNC also functions as a local network organization of IDF. This network includes the main stakeholders in the Dutch dairy sector. The following partners hold seats in the Thematic Committee NNC-IDF: LTO Nederland, the Dutch Zuivel Organization (NZO), the Animal Health Service (GD), Wageningen University & Research (Dairy Technology and Dairy Campus), the Qlip quality assurance and analysis organization and the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN). The secretariat of NNC-IDF is based at ZuivelNL.

The focus of NNC-IDF is to support the activities of IDF while serving the interests of the Dutch dairy sector at the international level. NNC-IDF runs a network of around 45 local experts active in the various fields of expertise IDF is focussing on. One of the key assets of IDF is its unique position as a multi-stakeholder organisation, which makes IDF the preferred partner in dairy for global IGOs like Codex Alimentarius, OIE and FAO.

Contact details NNC-IDF
Secretariat Netherlands National Committee (NNC)
Benoordenhoutseweg 46
Postbox 93453
NL-2509 AL The Hague

Jurgen Jansen, IDF National Secretary
Phone: +31 70 219 1611
Cellphone: +31 6 4680 6825

Dutch dairy sector endorses the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam
In a signing ceremony as part of a meeting on ‘sustainable food choices’, held in The Hague, on 12 June 2017, representatives of the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO), the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture (LTO Nederland), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Wageningen University & Research endorsed the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam.

By doing this, the major stakeholder organisations of the dairy sector in The Netherlands underlined they fully support the joint sustainability statement made by IDF and FAO on the occasion of the IDF World Dairy Summit, held in Rotterdam, in October 2016.

The Dairy Declaration recognizes the important significance of the dairy sector worldwide: dairy plays a key role as an essential part of a balanced diet, as an engine for employment and as a source of income for about 1 billion people. In many countries, dairy also offers women the opportunity to strengthen their position, thus contributing to gender equality. The dairy sector uses natural resources such as land, water, nutrients and energy and plays a key role in agricultural land management.

The statement underlines the importance of sustainable development and the critical role of dairy in terms of social, economic, ecological and public health impact. She also acknowledges that the global dairy sector is still facing a number of challenges, for example in the field of environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. With the signing of the Dairy Declaration, the dairy sector commits itself to the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs), as formulated in the UN Agenda 2030.

The Dairy Declaration calls for further awareness about the key importance of sustainability. With the enrolment of the Dairy Declaration, the various stakeholders in the dairy chain acknowledge this importance and take on the challenge of working together for sustainable solutions.
More information about the Declaration of Rotterdam and the possibility for individual, online endorsement can be found on

IDF World Dairy Summit – WDS2016 in Rotterdam
The Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam was the highlight of the IDF World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS2016), which took place from 16 to 21 October in Rotterdam and was hosted and organized by NNC-IDF. This annual highpoint of the global dairy sector gathered about 1,200 people from all over the world. Not only CEO’s and employees of dairy processing companies, dairy farmers, suppliers and scientists participated, but also stakeholders from outside the global dairy sector.

The Summit programme consisted of various sub conferences, covering the wide scope of IDF work. These included Dairy Farming, Dairy Science &Technology, Nutrition & Health, Food Safety Standards, Sustainability, Marketing and Economics. The general theme of IDF WDS2016 was “Dare to dairy”, also connected to the issue of how dairy can contribute in a sustainable way to feeding 9 billion people in the future. 

For a short impression of the WDS2016 conference, please check the following video.